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Re: <nettime> The 'Jake' Appelbaum case, or the rise and fall of

Dear Frank,

thank you for speaking out. I choose to consider your words both as a personal opinion, and as of a representative of CCC as a whole, althou I know that there is no such thing as a "collective opinion", specially within such an anti-authoritatian (& "chaotic" by design) organisation.

I will respond only to one of the points you raise:

On Fri, 10 Jun 2016, Frank Rieger wrote:

[the question] is rather how we can develop an
shared equivalent of what is known as "due process" for conflicts and
violations of our values that are (by nature or choice) not subject to
the realm of normal law enforcement. I don?t have concrete ideas, but
I see the need to research and develop this field.

There is a wealth of resources about non-violent conflict resolution, from anarchist to feminist movements and groups; mediation, ombudsmans, ethics, social responsibility, and also on how to deal with harassment. For example:

The Moral Character of Cryptographic Work?, Phillip Rogaway December 2015
(cryptography  ethics  mass surveillance  privacy  Snowden  social responsibility)


There is no lack of information, but there seem to be lack of awareness among "technical experts" that there exist social and communication problems that require different kind of skills and expertese, those coming from "soft" sciences and even from looking into emotions of people involved in our communities. These issues do NOT require technical solutions.

Since you mention concrete ideas, here are a few of mine:
- encourage talks about ethics and social responsibility at the 33c3
- invite teachers of Non-Violent Communication to give workshops
- invite workshops & talks about consent
- introduce trained abuse-mediators into CERT teams
- create an "ombudsman" team to enable anonymous reporting of incidents
- be serious about "we do not tolerate verbal or physical harrassment"


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