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Re: <nettime> Paper Tiger programs: Media History for FREE!


   Long time fan. I know how grueling any move can be, but be assured that
   your work has changed many more people than you know, and we carry it
   on in various ways.

   Can we do something with the videos that are not online?� Can I ask if
   it is possible to contribute them to the public domain, Perlinger
   Archives, or some other place on the Internet? They would be a
   tremendous value to countless scholars and activists, if you are
   willing to forgo the royalties. I'd be happy to throw a student on to
   digitizing them if that would help.


   On Sat, Apr 30, 2016 at 9:16 AM, martha rosler <> wrote:

     >� many� years of ground breaking activist television with a
     purposeful DIY aesthetic that set the agenda for many of us.
     here, here!

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