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<nettime> Paper Tiger programs: Media History for FREE!


   There is an old saying: April is the cruelest month.

   Certainly for me this past month has been especially cruel.

   I have been working to help clear the two offices (Paper Tiger and Deep
   Dish) that have been an important workplace for me for 30 years.

   There was so much history in this now empty and sad building-- a place
   that many have called the Peace Pentagon.

   Much of that history was headed to the land fill. Rebecca, Jessica,
   Brian, Julie and I have been trying to save what fragments we could so
   that there is a remnant of that past in whatever office becomes our
   future home.

   I am making an effort to see that this history goes out to those to
   whom it is important. There are many DVD copies of Paper Tiger programs
   which were in the trash pile. They are nicely packaged and labeled and
   it seemed criminal to me to have them buried in a land fill.

   A short selection of some of the titles:

   Just Say No (about resistance to the first Gulf War)
   Luis Beltran on Bolivian Radio
   Drawing the Line at Pittston (about a coal miners strike)
   Rock Paper Missile (about the violence in Palestine/Israel)
   Erik Barnouw on US elections (especially relevant this year!)
   There are literally hundreds more.
   Paper Tiger will pay the media mail postage to send a selection of
   programs to public access centers if you would like to run a series of
   them and/or use them as fillers.
   When Paper Tiger first started, lots of access centers wanted to show
   Paper Tiger to their local producers to give them examples of how to be
   creative and fun (with serious subjects) on a low budget.
   Please help me get these DVDs out of my kitchen (and save them from the
   land fill!)

   I can't fill orders for specific tapes, but if there is an issue you
   are especially interested in (peace, gender equity, housing, elections,
   queer rights, women's rights, media criticism, Palestine, unions, etc
   etc) let me know and I will try to match your needs.

   By the way there are many Paper Tiger shows up on youtube which are
   downloadable at

   Including a tape about closing down the

   There will be more of the shows there in the future as Fales Library
   completes their mandate to digitize them for us.

   I know many access channels are now running digitally so maybe you can
   take shows from the web and don't need DVDs. However if  DVDs are still
   useful to you for transmission and/or for use in classes, we are happy
   to share this important work.

   Just be sure to send your SNAIL address if you want me to post a
   selection of program DVDs to you.  It would be helpful  if you send a
   thank you note via email. This disbursal of programming is part of our
   "archiving grant" and we need to document the use of our historic

   We will send you our new snail address when we are sure of where that
   is! We're not going away! Just moving!

   Paper Tiger started as a weekly program (part of Communications Update
   which Liza Bear initiated) on public access. Our goal was always to
   encourage others to use that resource creatively! "Use it or lose it"
   was our motto! What better home for this archive than the many valiant
   community media centers around the country!!!

   Use it or lose it!


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