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<nettime> CFS: The Torist, an Onionland Literary Journal

On behalf of GMH, founder of the Torist, I'm pleased to send out this
call for submissions for issue 2 of The Torist, an Onionland Literary

In January 2016, we released the first issue of the first literary
magazine hosted inside the Tor anonymity network. We knew this project
would cater to a niche audience. In fact, that was precisely the point:
to create an artistic outlet for the growing communities of people
interested in topics such as cryptography and anonymity, and to help
these technologies realize their positive potential.

Nonetheless, we were taken aback by the breadth of its success. Major
media outlets including Motherboard, Lit Hub, Deutschland Radio, and the
Atlantic ran pieces on The Torist's inaugural issue. William Gibson,
author of Neuromancer, even retweeted an article about us—a cyberpunk's
dream come true.

Buoyed by the surprise popularity of The Torist Issue 1, we're excited
to release this call for fiction, poetry, non-fiction and visual art for
our second issue.

====What to Submit

Prose submissions should not exceed 4000 words, though there can be a
degree of flexibility, for instance if your work is exceptional or is
suitable to be excerpted. Prose submissions may encompass fiction,
non-fiction, and reviews.

Non-fiction could include a broad range of material, for instance
journalism, essays and op-eds. Please note we do not provide academic
peer review.

With works of fiction, we are less concerned about genre and more about
whether the work strikes us as insightful, exciting, forward-thinking,
and enjoyable.

Reviews could deal with (but need not be limited to):

    books or other publications
    websites (especially in the deep web)
    events (technology conferences, art exhibitions)

Poems should not exceed five pages in length, though there may be
exceptions made for outstanding work.

Visual artwork will be used on the cover and for illustrations
throughout the issue. Submissions can encompass most formats which can
be sent electronically including photography, graphic design, and
photographs of physical works such as paintings, drawings, and
sculptures. We would also be interested in sequential art such as comics.

Your work doesn't have to address themes such as cryptography, anonymity
or surveillance, though that, too, is welcome. The purpose of The Torist
is to engage with communities of people interested in those topics and
encourage their creativity to grow. The themes those communities address
can arise organically.

====How to Submit

We have two main ways of submitting: by email at or
through our GlobaLeaks submissions site toristfgqiroaded.onion. If you
use PGP email encryption, please make use of our public key.

We accept most file types. If we are unable to open a file, we will
contact you if possible and ask for an alternative. Please only use PDFs
if it is necessary to preserve special formatting; in particular, PDFs
can make it more difficult to edit extended prose. For written work, it
is fine either to attach the file or to put it in the body of the email.

You may publish under any name you wish, but please avoid offensive
ones. If you do not provide us with a name, we will simply publish you
as Anonymous. If you have a preference please let us know by putting it
in the document containing your work, in an email, or in the “Full
description” box in the GlobaLeaks submissions form. Providing a name is
completely optional.

====Key Dates

For inclusion in Issue 2, we require submissions by August 1, 2016.

We intend to produce Issue 2 by December 2016.

====Find Us Online

Our Tor blog: toristinkirir4xj.onion
Our GlobaLeaks submission site: toristfgqiroaded.onion
Our Twitter account:
Our Tumblr blog:
Our PGP key:

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