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Re: <nettime> Guardian > Monbiot > Neoliberalism -- the ideology

To enumerate what we know about the unknowable future shifts:

1. The change will not happen by violently interacting with keyboards, touchscreens and displays;

2. The change will not happen by violently interacting with others on the street.

What envisionable venues does this leave available? Somebody or something must convince the keepers of the current physicality dynamics (where food, fuel, energy, bullets, chains, sex, etc. go or do not go) to change their ways and have these go somewhere else.

Few come to mind:

A. Technologically empowered individual (everyone is Batman). One makes robots and drones (or designer viruses or mind control appliances) in the closet (along with required chips, chemicals and enclosures), and these go out to intimidate/eliminate/baptize targets.

B. New religion/philosophy/ideology (wetware virus). It's so good, that after few minutes of exposure to it (several kilobytes of text, imagery or few megabytes of video/audio), subjects permanently change their ways and are capable of sustainably converting others.

C. Alien intervention. (Mars Attacks!)

The current efforts are evenly split between A (hackers, cypherpunk leftovers) and B (tenured scribblers, FSMers and establishment rebels.) C is sadly neglected.

On 4/17/16 1:55 , Alexander Bard wrote:

Which is why the next revolution will not happen in the streets (we need to
get over Paris 1789 and even more so Paris 1968 as our model) both in our
minds and our digital environments once this new ideology of digital-global
solidarity has become available to us. And to get there we need both
technology, ideology and a good dose of destinal luck. A return to the
depth of our timeless psyches in the current chaos (humans do not change,
technology does, and ideology must change with it).

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