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Re: <nettime> Review: Michel Bauwens and The Promise Of The

If "community" means 100-200 people, the size of clan/tribe that persisted long enough for brains to get hardwired to it, there is no need for any technology. Everyone knows everything that needs to be known about everyone.

Beyond this size, some technology is required, and today that means silicon, transistors, "devices", radios, PHYs, wired/fibered infrastructure. All of this is highly centralized today (there are fewer than 10 semi fabs on the planet that matter, for example.) A clan "owning" this today is a pipe dream.

The only realistic direction to re-enable the brain-circuit-friendly community system is to have expertise and means to make chips in every single community. The probability of this happening is kind of low, though.

The choices are stark, but that is not rationale to use lipstick on this pig.

On 4/13/16, 3:33, Jaromil wrote:

There are qualitative solutions to the problem and they cannot be
automated, but only aided, adopted, appropriated and run by
communities, bottom-up. They are also based on ownership of production
means and political decision-making processes that include "workers".

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