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<nettime> a free letter to cultural institutions digitizing the public domain

a free letter to cultural institutions digitizing the public domain

please do not enclose the public domain when you digitize the material
that is already in public domain.

give the peers the freedom that you make use of when building on the
public domain and encourage them to build on what you have built.

license the digitized public domain material with a free/libre cultural

dedicate it to the public domain;

or use a free/libre cultural license that requires attribution, if you
rightfully want to achieve the recognition and the appreciation you
deserve for your valuable work;

or use a copyleft free cultural license if you also want to prevent
commercial exploitation of your work. copyleft attitude is more than
enough to do so, and even encourages another economics, which is not
based on accumulation of capital. just count on libre donations and
libre labour of your peers.

avoid "non-commercial", "no-derivatives", "open access" etc vocabulary,
which are exploitations of free/libre (and even "open") culture.




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