John Young on Thu, 7 Apr 2016 17:20:07 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Ten Theses on the Panama Papers

To assure official and congenial approval and financial support for
disclosure it is essential to choral "not like WikiLeaks" then scream
big numbers and Titanic significance, yes dear passengers, the ship is

Why even the Snowden Unsinkable Molly Brown distances itself from the
horrifying Lusitania.

And why not, impermeable WikiLeaks assures its sailors that really,
really big, super important, government-shaking, "Leaks" (capitalized
as in capital) have established the benchmark for pleasant voyages
through turbulent seas of mega-tera bytes of digital flotsam and

Never mind that disclosures upsetting to Queegs are as old as Queens,
the customary way of succeeding the flag officers with new, terrifically
bloated and blared ways to get off asses and mass steal from the
super-big stealers.

Where in the Panama (nee Pentagon) Papers are the riches of Cuba,
Nicaragua, North Korea, Sudan, all the rogues so irritating to Wall
Street-ICBM itchy fingers ready to annex ever more Truman Doctrine dirt
farms atop fossil treasures.

Hark: NGOs are not non-governmental, merely pretend to be to maintain
tax avoidance services to bloated porkies just like Mossack Fonseca.

At 04:15 AM 4/7/2016, you wrote: > > On 5 Apr 2016, at 14:42, Florian Cramer forwarded:

>> Panama Papers - not the Scoop but the Flop of the Century
> Florian, I'm pretty confident that Jens Berger's eruption won't age
> hold up very well, and I really wonder why you bothered to forward such
> a load of bollocks. And to follow that up with intimations that most of
> the major foundations are behind the fact that no US citizens have been
> named in the first 36 hours? I'm under no illusions about the many
> roles that the upper echelons of US civil society have played in
> shaping (some would say distorting) the world for decades, but Berger's
> tantrum and your follow-up would be very much at home on Fox News.

Berger is by far not the only one with this opinion. After I posted
his article here, WikiLeaks retweeted the link to Nettime's archive
and Berger's piece. Before, Wikileaks tweeted the following (so we can
consider it WikiLeaks' official position on the matter:

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