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Re: <nettime> Ten Theses on the Panama Papers

§I like these points (yours I guess? As you could have got them form someone-else by a simple cut & paste)

On 5 Apr 2016, at 15:17, Patrice Riemens wrote:

7. Leaks have become unquestionable.

With earlier disclosures, the authenticity of documents leaked could 
always be credibly disputed. Nowadays the authenticity of materials 
obtained thru electronic leaks, due to its sheer magnitude and the one 
to one nature of a digital reproduction, is much more difficult to 

Hence my disagreement with point 7.

There are - in my view - as many options to fake, as there are to scrutinise the origin of digital data...

The old adagios of 'theft' of ideas or identity hold.

When I was reading awhile ago 

Valentin Groebner. Who Are You? Identification, Deception, and Surveillance in Early Modern Europe. New York: Zone Books, 2007. 349 pp.

the pleasure of it was of course how well situations from a far away past could be imagined in our present.

Especially where there is a bulk of data, one could slip in easy say 5% of fake documents... which would really hurt someone who is publicly exposed as part of a data set that for 95% is true.

This is in itself an example how of why I do not agree with your "unquestionable" leak idea.

For the rest of the point... I like them.



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