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Re: <nettime> Ten Theses on the Panama Papers

On 05.04.2016 20:42, Florian Cramer wrote:

    What did you learn from the Panama Papers? That African, Russian,
    Ukrainian and Asian 'elites' are corrupt? Well, this should have been
    known a for long time, with or without Panama Papers. Sure, it's never
    bad when stories about the international financial system's obfuscation
    machinery get out, provoking a political debate for at least a couple
    of days. That these debate have no political consequences, is part of
    the choreography. Next week, there's some other "news of the day", only
    a month later, nobody will know remember the exact spelling of Mossack
    Fonseca. These are firm rituals of our attention economy that we can't

To quote sarcastic grin of Putin's press secretary: "Quality investigative journalism has fallen into oblivion."

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