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<nettime> BOTS: Tracking Systems of Control - April 15th

Dear all,

I would like to inform you about the next event of the Disruption
Network Lab, which will take place in London, on April 15th, at the
Somerset House - in case you would like to join. I hope to see many of
you there!

You can read the programme below.

Best, Tatiana


BOTS: Tracking Systems of Control

Location: Somerset House, New Wing, London, UK.
Schedule: 15th of April (1pm-5pm).
Admission: £7 / £5.
Details: http://www.disruptionlab.org/bots

Seventh event of the Disruption Network Lab, directed by Tatiana
Bazzichelli, Conference developed in partnership with Abandon Normal
Devices (AND, andfestival.org.uk) alongside "The Art of Bots" programme,
taking place at Somerset House on 15 and 16 April 2016, London, UK
Tickets: http://www.andfestival.org.uk/events/disruption-network-lab-bots/

Cian Westmoreland (U.S. Air Force whistleblower, Project Red Hand, USA),
Vladan Joler (Director of the SHARE Foundation, Associate Professor and
Chair of New Media Department at the University of Novi Sad, RS), Joana
Moll (artist and researcher, ES), Richard Tynan (Technologist, Privacy
International, UK), Carmen Weisskopf (!Mediengruppe Bitnik, CH).
Moderators: Marc Garrett (co-founder of Furtherfield, UK) and Tatiana
Bazzichelli (Artistic Director of the Disruption Network Lab, IT/DE).

"The diffusion of responsibility is the nature of modern warfare" (C.

"BOTS: Tracking Systems of Control" focuses on the dark side of bots
usage, on the issues of surveillance, tracking and whistleblowing. The
event aims to expand the definition of bots by interconnecting systems
of control that are based on a high degree of automatism and diffused of

By bringing together whistleblowers, technologists, activists,
researchers and artists the purpose is to analyse systems that perform
automated functions, on a human and technological level.

At the core of the discussion are network centric aerial warfare, online
tracking, and pervasive invisible surveillance infrastructures. From one
side, we want to encourage a deeper understanding of global aerial
network systems coordinated over large distances, and question the
ethical and legal responsibility in the nature of modern warfare; from
the other side, we want to investigate the functionality and inner
mechanisms of bulk metadata collection, and virtual surveillance
technologies manufactured to acquire and process behavioural patterns.

A conscious resistance against tracking and pervasive surveillance will
be encouraged, allowing a greater understanding of network centric
systems and imagining possible alternatives.

More Information:
Disruption Network Lab (http://www.disruptionlab.org)
Abandon Normal Devices (AND, andfestival.org.uk)
Tatiana Bazzichelli (Artistic Director and Curator)

This Disruption Network Lab event is curated by Tatiana Bazzichelli in
collaboration with Abandon Normal Devices for The Art of Bots. The event
is delivered in partnership with Somerset House and media partners
Furtherfield. It is realised with support of Aksioma (SI) in the
framework of Masters & Servers. Masters and Servers is a joint project
by Aksioma (SI), Drugo more (HR), Abandon Normal Devices (UK), Link Art
Center (IT) and d-i-n-a / The Influencers (ES).
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission
and the Arts Council England. This communication reflects the views only
of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use
which may be made of the information contained therein.

Tatiana Bazzichelli // Artistic Director
http://networkingart.eu // http://disruptiv.biz
Twitter: @disruptberlin // @t_bazz
PGP: A87C 3637 03ED 1D1C E6FE E828 1F55 2B2F F5A5 C9A0

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