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Re: <nettime> aaaaarg lawsuit digest #ANON

Why not send payment directly to authors, along with a small
amount for the free libraries which advertize and publish them?
Free libraries could provide mail addresses for that, if not
e-payment systems. Paypal and many othrs are ready for
smartphone tip jars.

Was a time, still is, when authors and poets and painters and
troubadours used free street corners to hawk their talents
or lack thereof. So too politicians, lawyers, architects and
physicians and academics.

There was a time, still is, when the Internet provided free
material that was not dominated, legislated and demonically
possessed by smarmy merchants crowing about how they
are essential to protect artists, that is, the artists who were
compelled by poverty and alimony and child support to
cotton gin their creativity, very often desparate payday
plagiarism, through restricted linen channels, DMCA
hardly the worst.

No doubt the pain of seeing creative works piled high in
Strand and museum, gallery and penthouse dumpsters,
nailed to seedy motel and shopping center walls, used
as cheaper than fake book decoration, reminds what
happens when artists try to avoid the investment-grade
mark-up wizards (god love the ones surplused by the
giants, Guggenheim, MOMA and Amazon, struggling to
make pennies from e-books, self-publish, employed mate
and Mom and Dad).

Here's to the all the small fry of whatever species swarming
in fish balls in terror of the server farm predators overseen and
fed by American-Eagle-eyed investors buzzing like spy drones
peering into everyone's moldy studio and tax returns -- some
on this very malign opportunity spy nest.

What the lurkers and internet and official spies do not want to
help is for nettime to be the model for creatively sharing
without authorities, copyright cops, courts, lunches, deals,
art fairs, conferences, secure teaching positions, fame
manufacturing, prizes, grants, all the tools of winnowing
a lucky few from the insurrectionist mob.

At 01:58 PM 1/14/2016, you wrote:

>So you will keep and feed your own poet in your basement?

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