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Re: <nettime> aaaaarg lawsuit digest #ANON

The public, selective, and strategic application of copyright infringement
is a political tool. I learned that to preserve the collection some
'guardians' are inclined to struck ad-hoc deals with authors wishing to have
their works taken down. It is a small sacrifice to preserve something of a
greater value, _and_ making the right political point. Without knowing the
circumstances I was wondering whether it would make sense to judge
individual removal requests, such as this guy's, in the light of the
potential costs of non-compliance, and the potential loss of not having this
particular piece.



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Unfortunately, the current knowledge distribution is sustainable. Due to
high productivity and automation, the system can function well while
majority of the population is illiterate (Idiocracy comes to mind), and
universal knowledge distribution is not sine qua non for the machine to go
through its routine.


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