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Re: <nettime> introducing @nettime_bot

On Mon, Dec 28, 2015 at 10:31:34AM -0800, wrote:

> Would it be possible, for those who don't want their names ending on 
> TWTR disks, to have a Subject: tag that bypasses the bot - for example 
> "MO:" (mail only), like in:

Done -- and thank you for this excellent suggestion.

>From now on, if you include #ANON in the subject line of a message, the 
@nettime_bot twitter bot will omit the sender's name. The link will still
point to the same old nettime archive, so it's trivially easy to find out 
who sent a message -- just one click. 

Starting with this message, the footer at the bottom of every nettime-l
message will include an additional line to explain this:

     #  @nettime_bot tweets mail w/ sender unless #ANON is in Subject:

Other suggestions, about the twitter bot or anything else, are welcome.

the mod squad 
(Felix, Ted, Doma)

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#  @nettime_bot tweets mail w/ sender unless #ANON is in Subject: