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<nettime> UN|COMMONS "initiating beginnings"
Krystian Woznicki on Thu, 26 Nov 2015 18:41:39 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> UN|COMMONS "initiating beginnings"

Hello nettimers,

at the UN|COMMONS conference (October 22-24) the Berliner Gazette and
VolksbÃhne at Rosa-Luxemburg Platz hosted more than 500 participants
and visitors, who explored over the course of three days the commons
as the most exciting space for the critique of capitalism and also as
a scalable social practice.

Most importantly we learned that it is all about initiating
beginnings. This can for instance mean acknowledging as well as
mapping alternatives or redefining top down concepts such as âthe
economyâ, opening elitist practices that are of eminent importance
to civil society or turning leaks into public records, but also
reclaiming what has been stolen from us and politicizing communities
that operate in grey zones. Many of such beginnings are not networked
among each other, many of them take place without the awareness of
working towards the commons. Therefore our major task is to make
visible those beginnings as a shared project and to contextualize them
inside the grand narrative of the commons.

Here we present our findings, incl. more than 10 projects that were
built at the conference, as well as papers and documents from the
lectures by speakers such as Yochai Benkler, Michel Bauwens and Harsha
Walia, as well as photos and videos and last but not least an outlook
on our activities in 2016:


We are looking forward to your feedback!

And please spread the word about it! for example by sharing this tweet:

Best wishes,


Projects, papers, recordings, photos and videos from the 
international conference on the fight for common wealth  

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