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Re: <nettime> thedemands.org: list student protest demands (last
John Hopkins on Tue, 24 Nov 2015 10:45:00 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> thedemands.org: list student protest demands (last

On 23/Nov/15 08:45, David Mandl wrote:
culpability of someone like Dick Cheney and the Iraq war.) And how will
a hand-written apology change that? Why not focus on demands for actual,
substantive change and see how that goes before trying to shame these
people for lulz?

It's Amurika, so if the students can post a letter-writing
animation on Vine it will be deemed a massive strategic success ...
clicktivism-clacktivism ... demands for everything from a Gaussian
grade distribution skewed hard to A+ A A- to classroom-branding to
corporately-determined curricula...

On a side note, I would note that U or Colorado-Boulder -- a
medium-ranked state university -- has hardly managed to significantly
change their diversity numbers in 20 years. (13% in 1988 to 20%
in 2015, but these gains are for all 'minorities' including
Asian-American and hardly relate to population percentages overall;
while 'cash-cow foreign students have doubled from 4 - 8% in the last
5 years)...

Systemic problems seem to never be addressed once Empire is
established: the seeds of decline are embedded somewhere within the
wide-scale Imperial processes of the last 50 years...

so it goes.


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