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<nettime> Cost of Freedom booksprint in support of Bassel Khartabil
hellekin on Wed, 18 Nov 2015 18:48:40 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Cost of Freedom booksprint in support of Bassel Khartabil

>From November 2nd, to 6th, 2015, a dozen people gathered in Provence for
a book sprint in support of Syrian free culture activist Bassel
Khartabil, incarcerated since March 15th, 2012.

You may learn more about Bassel and his situation by following the
http://freebassel.org/ campaign his friends and family are running to
have him liberated.

A book sprint [0] is a short, intense event where people gather to write
a book from scratch.  This specific book sprint was particular in that
it included remote contributors.  It was a very intense event
intellectually, and emotionally.  Writing is hard, but writing in such a
short time, and with so many people and constraints brought us into a
quantum spacetime where things unfolded very chaotically, to end up
quite surprisingly well structured.  The result is available for all to
read and share and remix at http://costoffreedom.cc/

The authors can be contacted by email (people {AT} costoffreedom.cc) and a
list of contributors found on

Readers are encouraged to join the mailing-list:
book-subscribe {AT} costoffreedom.cc (warning: the web interface might be
buggy at this time, so better reply by email to confirm subscription).

I think this book, with all its imperfections, was needed.  The quality
is variable, as can be expected from a book written in 5 days, but
honestly I didn't expect that we would reach that level anyway.  I hope,
along with other authors, that we can work towards a printed version in
the near future, that will improve on the contents.  In the meantime,
I'd love to hear your comments, and that this book can contribute to the
evolution of the discourse, and more importantly, to the practice of
liberation and free culture.

The organization of this book sprint happened very fast, and I'm sure
some of us here on UnCIV would have loved to participate.  We certainly
missed some important topics, such as hackbases, but still...  Read it
and tell us what you think at book {AT} costoffreedom.cc!



[0]: http://booksprints.net/

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