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<nettime> Emergents S010E01 - The Many Deaths Of Popcorn Time
jamie king on Mon, 9 Nov 2015 15:51:36 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Emergents S010E01 - The Many Deaths Of Popcorn Time

Hi Nettimers,

I am ashamed that ZERO posts from me show up in Jaromil's archive and
that I am therefore to be counted as a "long time lurker, sometime
poster". However -- greetings again to you all!

I've recently started a podcast which I hope will be of interest to
some of you. It features interviews with people involved with what,
for want of a better phrase, I'm calling "emergent micropowers".

It's here: http://emergents.net

The pilot episode concerned the Ashley Madison hack and the 'Impact
Team' that hacked them. Episode one offers interviews with three
members of Popcorn Time, and charts the development of the streaming
bittorrent app and its team/s up until the recent lawsuit:


It might be of interest for some of you that Yify Torrent / YTS was
the main source of media for Popcorn time until the recent shutdown.

The series is really about what enables "emergents", technologically
and socially, and the various ramifications of this enablement. I
won't repeat (or "spoil") here the various considerations offered in
the episodes.

There are various Nettimers I mean to interview for the project but
drop me a line if you would like to talk!




Jamie King
         jamie {AT}  <jamie {AT} vodo.net>jamie.com

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