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<nettime> launching #secrecymachine

   In contemporary liberal democracies there is a polarisation between
   ideals of transparency - borne out in open government legislation,
   freedom of information, and confessionary culture - and what we might
   call a secret sphere, an institutionalised commitment to covert
   security operations that exist beyond the public view.

   In the wake of the Snowden revelations about the surveillance
   capabilities of intelligence agencies around the globe, an
   interdisciplinary symposium at King's College London in 2015 gathered
   experts to discuss the place and implications of secrecy for
   contemporary cultural politics. Speakers addressed what was
   politically, ethically, socially and ontologically at stake in cultures
   of secrecy at the individual, national and international level.

   Recordings from the event have been hidden across some of the darkest
   corners of the world wide web and will be revealed through a series of
   leaks and revelations.

   If you would like to participate in this experiment in opacity and
   secretion, visit and follow the

   Please share this secret with anyone you trust ...
   #secrecymachine is a project by Clare Birchall & Pete Woodbridge.

   'The Politics and Practices of Secrecy' was a symposium organised by
   Clare Birchall & Matt Potolsky and funded by the Institute of North
   American Studies, King's College London.

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