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<nettime> Institutionalized Masochism

>Day after day, I get some amazing posts from LinkedIn job seeker (I never
>bothered to unsubscribe, as I find it fascinating) - things like
>corporate mindfulness, and ³Thanks for the rejection letter?²  The
>ceaselessly positive attitude of American corporate culture, and the
>ruthless, masochistic culture it espouses rolls as the ambitions resemble
>punching bags with daggers, hungry for the evaporating good, or even
>extant, job.  

What amazes me in the US is the tacit assumption of this culture in that
everything is considered, regardless of how atrocious, as a leverage point
for learning and improvement with little acknowledgement of the
sociopathic culture it promotes.  For example, I had a corporate partner,
upon learning I had moved to the UAE (while supposedly sending me two
queries, none of which were in my inbox, with the last query easily coming
to me) that there were two small graphics jobs that they were not sure
they were going to get, but because I was ³not available², they retained a
contingent worker. 

While this is really not about my experience, this is indicative of
American corporate culture - the passive/aggressive dictum of ³That¹s ok,
we might have been able to use you, but since you were not 24/7, we
decided not to give you the _possibility- of work.²  This is not uncommon
in many cases, where the old paradigm was leaving the masses dangling for
the possibility, of work, now we have a the degree of abstraction of
promising the promise of work.

Nowhere in American Corporate culture outside of obvious left wing
communities is the notion of resistance, despite the outrageous conditions.

Yes, thanks for the rejection letter? Indeed (.com)

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