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<nettime> Cities of the Sun: Urban Revolutions and the Network Commons


it has been my pleasure recently to give keynote lecture at the Hybrid
City 03 conference in Athens. I have now put the lecture version

In this talk, I want to bring together two notions: the city as
utopia and project; and the recent developments, over the past 10
to 15 years, with regard to the development of a network commons.
The network commons is one among a number of other initiatives that
propose alternative future developments, from alternative and creative
uses of technology, to alternative energies to alternative economies
and ecologies. Those propositions, however, have remained separate.
The thesis that I propose is that as long as those propositions remain
separate, they will either be absorbed or destroyed by capitalism.
There will be some change but ultimately nothing really will change,
the world will not become a better place, which is, as I assume, that
what really interests us all and brings us together here. We thus need
a coherent and collective vision that is anchored in reality. As the
locus of this vision I have identified the city as utopia and project.

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