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<nettime> Start Business in Iran From Kish!

   Kish INVEX 2015

     The place to be

    Kish is an international business hub in the south of Iran, a visa
                   free island, 30 min flight from Dubai.

   Kish INVEX is hosting Iranian officials, financial institutions and key
    organisations with "ready to invest"projects to be discussed. A great
              chance to set foot into this flourishing market.

       The interests are overwhelming, See our news page to know which
         countries are interested to come to Iran for which sector.

       Our available Sponsorship Packages are waiting for eligible

    If you wish to register your interest for Kish INVEX, please click

                      I look forward to hear from you,

                                Kind regards

                                 A____ P___

                         International Developmemnts

   Kish is the gateway into Iran market, with the right setting.

   D_______ Hotel Kish

      D______ Grand Hotel was built as a look like Persepolis, a symbol of
      the glory and splendor of the ancient Persian (Iranian) civilization
      and the Persian Empire.
                                                  A Persian Castle Style

   The highly thought out Persian castel will not allow their ancient
                       ancestral culture and civilization to be lost.

   M_____ Park Hotel

      Marina Park Hotel is a ten acre haven set by edge of famous
      M_____(C____) beach with magnificent landscape with plant species
                                                              Kish E___ Hotel

    Kish E___ Grand Hotel is in the highest position of Kish Island. It is
   front of sea with 100,000 Ms. E___ hotel offers a green view with a lot
                                   of trees, Beautiful flowers and plants.

   Kish International Exhibition Center,

      Kish International Exhibition Center, with a total area of 21000 Sqm.
      indoor spaces, consists of three halls each with 7000 Sqm. This hall
      can be used to hold one big exhibition or several exhibitions
                                        Kish International Convention Center

   Kish International Convention Center with an area of 1300 sqm consists
   of a multipurpose auditorium, capable of seating 750 persons, equipped
          with related modern facilities as well as conference halls with
                        different capacity meeting room, restaurants, etc

   We hope to see you in Kish Island in November.

   To show your interest, you can fill in one page online form .


   Open Iran _____,

   Address: 6, ______ Alley, 9th Road, ______ Iran, West Town, Tehran,

   Tel: +98 21 ____ ____, +98 21 ____ ____, Fax: +98 21 ____ ____
   Mobile: +98 912 _______



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