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Re: <nettime> "Speak Out with Snowden, Assange and Manning"

The sculpture seems to beg the question of "standing up" as an endeavor
in itself. As is rightly pointed out, these figures are now, by and
large, unable to "stick their heads out." Their chairs are inaccessible
(or, at best, they may kneel on them). Maybe everyone has opportunities
to stand up on chairs of different scale, but at some point, one can
stand on a particular chair which bars one from doing so ever again.
What's the calculus of virtue?

Anyways, I might venture that the reservations voiced here so far are
about monuments more generally. "Monument" conjures up whitewashed
histories, fascists, and agitprop. A monument to the crusaders of
radical transparency may implicitly acknowledge the faults of its
subjects. Maybe I'll go visit our bronze Assange and see if I can't
establish provenance for each frown line, on either side of the Moral
Balance Sheet.

"A man is quite unworthy of an acquaintance with virtue who weighs her
fruit against the price she exacts; he knows neither her graces nor her
ways." -Montaigne 


> On Sep 14, 2015, at 2:16 PM, Geert Lovink <geert@xs4all.nl> wrote:
> (tactical (media) arts or celebrity propaganda? let???s discuss this.
> as you all know, I have been critical of the personality cult of
> julian assange (coordinated by himself) and was happy to see that
> snowden and manning and the (missing) barrett brown had other
> approaches. this art work is not working with these differences and
> instead glorifies the heroes in a usual way. or not? geert)

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