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<nettime> Hungary's crackdown on refugees

Hungary's crackdown on refugees is shredding the values of democracy.

By Kim Lane Scheppele

With refugees skirting a razor-wire fence to enter the country, overflowing the Keleti station in Budapest, forced into closed migrant camps and hiking in desperation along the highways to Vienna, the Hungarian government's brutal treatment of migrants has been on display for all to see. It is about to get much worse.
The Hungarian government's disregard for the rights of refugees presages its disregard for the rights of its own citizens. Over the last five years, the Hungarian government has eliminated nearly all checks on its power and is now using the refugee crisis to usher in a state of emergency, and accelerate plans to turn the country into a surveillance state. While EU institutions have looked on, horrified but paralyzed, Prime Minister Orbán has created a creeping dictatorship in Hungary. In plain sight, the Hungarian government is shredding the values of democracy, human rights and rule of law, values on which the European Union was built. As a state of emergency looms in Hungary, now is the time to invoke Article 7 of the Treaty of the European Union, quarantining Hungary by removing its voting rights in EU matters. It's the least the EU can do to show solidarity - not only with refugees, but also with the EU citizens of Hungary.

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