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Re: <nettime> Rice Seminar - Chronotopic Imaginaries: The City in Signs,

On 12 Sep 2015, at 15:39, John Young forwarded:

As Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the Web, once put it, there is "one centralized Achilles' heel" to the Web's otherwise decentralized system: computers may be free to talk to each other, but only if they abide by given naming conventions. This means that the system can, in theory, be brought to a halt by whomever is in control of a limited number of root name servers, which until recently added up, ominously enough, to the mere number of 13.

This is an academic center with $50K+ to burn on a postdoc -- and no sooner do they sense the specter of politics in their 'network' than they make it go away again with this kind of cheesy numerology?



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