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Re: <nettime> Fwd: the European manifesto of Varoufakis and Piketty

   Hi Geert, Hi! Alex,
   On http://www.jean-luc-melenchon.fr/2015/09/11/a-plan-b-in-europe/
   I have just heard their tribune at the Fête de l'Humanité via a
   streaming video, now the tribune is over since a while. But I think
   that a replay will be online soon and I shall send the link.
   The essential issue was to consider that money is political. There is
   no apolitical money. The second issue was on Democracy (and on
   meta-democracy such as EU)
   Fassina and Varoufakis have spoken in english, Lafontaine and Melenchon
   (of course) in french...
   Fassina said that now a left politician such as Corbyn is elected as
   leader of Labour in the UK that is a great new from which alll together
   they will get  really powerful together. (Exactly what my little mind
   thinks -- plus: I guess that under another mode of euro (flexible or
   with alternative money) of course the UK left wing would not hesitate
   to integrate it.
   If I understood correctly, Mélenchon called for extensive citizen
   information campaign by themselves -- from those being yet informed to
   cover the questions of structure (what is euro, eurozone, Europe, such
   they are right now, why there is not european democracy at the
   executive leadership --suggestion by Varoufakis who presents this issue
   as vital...
   So that people understand the issues necessary to change the system
   confinement constituted by the current eurozone. That makes me think
   that we could greatly contribute from our own part as you suggest. Just
   someone could be needed so as to online organize things we could do
   outside the political parties.
   Regards L/A

   On 12 September 2015 at 10:57, Geert Lovink <geert@xs4all.nl> wrote:

     Thanks, Alex. They have now annouced a conference in November.
     Via Der Spiegel I ended up here:
     "Many ideas are already on the table: the introduction of parallel
     payment systems, parallel currencies, digitization of euro
     transactions, community based exchange systems, the euro exit and
     transformation of the euro into a common currency.???
     But how to contribute to this Plan B? What channels are there? This
     cries for an organized network. Can nettime play a role here? Other
     networks, initiatives, communities?

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