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<nettime> How to get the attention of Art Journalists?=

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   ______ PR

   "Just focus on the creative act. We will be in charge of the rest."

   Finally, reach people who matter to your artistic carrier!

   Getting noticed is a hard job with so many gallery openings,
   exhibitions, art fairs, biennals and events going on, especially for
   emerging artists. But today, people are connected more directly than
   ever. By using the right strategy and pitching the right people, you
   can save years of hard work and focus on important projects instead. So
   why waste your time?

   Among ______ PR's services, our most important job is helping young &
   emerging artists to reach art journalists, curators and other important
   players in the art scene.

   Learn more

   Our mission is to make PR Service available and affordable for every
   artist. Because it matters!

   To promote an exhibition, artists spend 100-200EUR on average for

   So here's our question: how many times a journalist or a curator who
   didn't know you before came to your exhibition because they saw your

   Next time give a chance to our PR Service... You don't risk to pay
   more: You will save more!

   Contact us

   We would be happy to answer all your questions. We will study your case
   and let you know if we can help achieving your goals!

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