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Re: <nettime> gentrification of hacking

Thanks Biella,

You're much more of an expert on this than I am, so it's good to see
this. My main objective was to stir up debate a bit to keep people on
their toes, rather than necessarily believing in the 'death of the
hacker'. A lot of my writing has an ambiguous relationship to factual
reality, or I often deliberately mix together descriptive accounts of
things with normative accounts of things I'd like to see, and
sometimes they blend into one... well, perhaps this is a way of saying
that I am less an academic than I am a shit-stirrer, and sometimes I
will make things cruder than they actually are in order to push a
political agenda. I want the politicization to continue, and pointing
out the forces against politicization is one way I do that. Hope this
makes sense

Looking forward to seeing Weapons of the Geek when it comes out!

Hope CCC camp is fun

   On 15/08/2015 12:16, biella wrote:


I want to chime in but can only do so briefly as I am at CCC camp and
not online much. I found the essay provocative and it is undeniable that
these processes are under way but two things come to mind: this cycle has
long existed and in many quarters of the hacker community from the
security industry to hardware (the Homebrew club went from an informal
association of hackers building association to a capitalist gold mine).
These processes are deeply cyclical and on going and I don't really
expect them to go away given how central computing is to capitalism.

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