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Re: <nettime> The Gentrification of Hacking: How yuppies hacked the

On Tue, 11 Aug 2015, Brian Holmes wrote:

> But I would like off this treadmill. It's really unbearable. There has
> to be a better way.

Well, I don't think Alessandro and Jonas are defining our problem when
switching from gentrification to recuperation. The former is already an
edulcorated term, the latter is shedding a good light on capitalism's
influence, almost suggesting that people out of its reach need to be
treated. I admit not having read the draft however.

Speaking of terms, I must specify that my use of Yiddish in the last
sentence was my own exclamation, I absolutely do not identify the
"gentrifying machine of hyped finance" with people using such
exclamations. My thanks to a nettimer asking me offlist, I understand
the doubt: a linguistic connotation that may be hinting the creation of
another enemy, since that seems to be a trend now. In the middle of this
already extremely violent crisis people resort to identify scape-goats
and enemies within language and cultural groups, like Bifo did for
Germany, which sincerely disgusted me.

I really want to say it straight: the problem is not "the Germans" or
"the Jews" or "the Russians". Capitalism succeeded in one thing for
sure: breaking the codes (see Anti-Oedipus). There is no easy
identification of the problem without a complex analysis of finance and
power, as you tried already long ago with Bureau d'Etudes.  The problem
we are facing is deeply economical and deeply entrenched in the
rent-making spiral of capitalism.  Talking about hackers as an elite or
as heroes or as villains will not do us any favor. There is no possible
social connotation for this disaster, social analysis is futile to
render the larger picture.  Finance is ultimately abstracting every
production process from the creation of value - and every human from
his/her own social nature (I shall write subjectivity perhaps).  Looking
back and forth for social connotations (or even production methods) as
the origin or solution of the problem is futile.


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