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Re: <nettime> nottime: the end of nettime - let's change the

   Nettime took off in a studio next to mine at Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien,
   in 1995. I did not get then very well what Geert and Pit were up to, as
   my Eastern European mind was warped around different issues. But it was
   precisely the Eastern-European, non-US-centric side of nettime that
   made it fly well, in spectacular loops, from Berlin to Budapest to
   Ljubljana, from net-art to the post-Soros era, to â¦

   The Bucharest meeting, which has been presented here in the initial
   posting as a symptom of nettimeâs end, was my idea. Last year in July,
   afetr taking over the directorship of the National Museum of
   Contemporary Art (MNAC) Bucharest, one of my first thoughts has been to
   the flesh meetings of nettime, and to what they meant to me, and to

   I briefly shared with Ted first and then with Felix my feelings, and my
   interest in bringing about a nettime gathering at MNAC, in Bucharest
   (sorry David, no more Amsterdam for once). At the same time I shared my
   reservations about the current lack of interest for this region (yes,
   Hugary, Ukraine, Russia, the Baltics, Poland, the Black Sea and the
   Danube question, Romania even), and the dominant non-iconic
   preoccupations of the list, which make it slightly off-beat for a
   vivid, rapidly growing community of young people here, who are mainly
   interested in visual culture, activist art, cross-media experiments,
   and the complicated politics of the region.

   They come and tell me that the buzz goes about Bucharest being the
   Berlin of the 2015s. Might be. MNAC is located in what has been called
   for many years Ceausescuâs Palace; now we have here as neighbors the
   Romanian Parliament. It is an interesting setting. Leviathan. We do not
   have fancy budgets, but a great terrace with a view on the construction
   site of the what will be the National Cathedral of Romania (!). And we
   have the skills to animate good gatherings and good parties.

   The rest is on you, nettimers. If this sounds like an invitation, then
   come with the details.

   Sincerely yours,

   Calin Dan

   On 04 Apr 2015, at 06:15, Colin Hodson <> wrote:

   Hi everyone.
   I too wondered what nettime meant to me at the spectre of its possible
   demise. I don't think of myself as active in the contributing sense,
   but definitely active in consuming the fantastic output ( and I mean
   fantastic in terms of volume, speed, and ideas bouncing through the
   posts). The loss for me would be that I am being exposed to thought
   and histories I would not come across in other contexts. And yes, not
   a peep about so many things. But a lot of peeps that have taken me to
   quite some places.
   So nettime fuels me in a unique way, big thanks to those who share
   here. Very interesting and a pleasure to see it (and some of its
   constituents) in this April 1st relexivity.

   On 01/04/2015, nettime mod squad <> wrote:

     Dear Nettimers, present and past --


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