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Re: <nettime> nottime: the end of nettime

Hi from Chile

Maybe Im one of the only one who was in nettilme-lat, where we start communicating ealry in these first twenty century. From that net - time I can rembember Lila Pagola from Argentina, Brian Mackern from Uruguay, Juan Jose Diaz Infante, Arcangel Constantini and Fran Ilich from Mexico people who met phisically in one or more ocassion. making a reflection about the online communities and art practices. I dont want be accepted or "liked" I prefeer to read and discuss what is important to us and who we put that ideas on our practices.

PD- Sorry, culturally Chile doenst have that mainstream date of April foolz, so maybe there is a time to have two moderators more and move the information to another server.

thanks nettimers

El 01-04-2015 a las 11:12, Keith Sanborn escribió:

April fooooolz!

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