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Re: <nettime> nottime: the end of nettime

   Felix and Ted,
   I can understand that you might be fed up after all those years. Thanks
   for your heroic labour. If no-one else wants to take it on, so be it.
   But there is something intellectually dishonest about the historical,
   social, demographic and geographical reasons you give for winding it
   up. It boils down to saying that the mission identified in the 90s
   doen't work any more. I know that Geert is desperate to find a new
   mission in the age of anti-Facebook. But nettime doesn't need a
   purpose. It is itself.
   No doubt we each have our own use for it. I find a uniquely eclectic
   assortment of links that members pass on. I get to read Brian, Patrice,
   Michael Gurstein, even Felix and Ted occasionally. I have been very ill
   and I'm making a comeback now. The network provides an ideal audience
   for some of the things I want to say. It doesn't matter that it's
   archaic. So is email, they say. The repertoire evolves, but retains the
   old forms with the new. Nettime absorbs less than 2% of my onlin, but
   it nourishes me and I have nourished it.
   It must be onerous to be a 90s internet activist who feels he is past
   his sell-by date. It is true of course. Avant-gardism of that kind has
   had its day. I don't feel alienated by what succeeded it, since I was
   never a cutting edge techie in the first instance, just a fellow
   traveller. Yet the network has character, built out of the layers of
   its accretion. It is brutal to cut nettime off in this way. Of course,
   there may be no takers to succeed you. In which case RIP. But having
   held on for so long, is it a case of apres moi le deluge?

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