John Young on Mon, 19 May 2014 20:06:57 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> tensions within the bay area elites

Oh, Felix, the pinheads are becoming ever tinier and hotter as the
stems ares heated by national guardians laser-searching for needles
in global haystacks of data. Dancers on the pinheads, veteran data
guardian angels, high step as hot-foot Mercuries seeking perks
inspired by oligarchic pay for uni ceos, catastrophic student debts,
vanishing tenures, actuarial death risers of boomers doomed by
Gitane-ravaged lungs of yute excessive Francoisme, by synapse-
destroying wursts of Germanismiches, by Espana-garroting
neckerchiefs and labial gorings, by gut-sclerosis of Anglo-bloody
pudding at groan tables of pudders.

Whatsayye to the blubber rubber-tires girdling the prancers bendng
the pin heads asunder, tipping Shirl Jackson sacrificials out of the
haystacks into the hoovers of natsec sucker.

Whatsayye to the MF reearchers eager to sign up for fat contracts
with the spies to gather, sort and corral pinhead terrorists among
the tuition-penurious yute, implant yute spies among the disaffected
addicted youtubers?

I say to ye, mine hairless, who you working for, fronting for, uncovering
for, whining for, disturbing the dying boomerless snoozers for,
soliciting Magic Mountain stenching hospice for.

YouTubercular brain disease of our youbiquitous my-selfie-spy time
has come. Oh, Manno o Manno, whither self-erasure existenitialisme.

At 03:42 AM 5/19/2014, you wrote:

I'm astounded. Nay, dismayed. There is clearly a lot going. On a
historic scale.

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