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Re: <nettime> Gentrification - or a focus on income and wealth?

The word gentrification itself is about 50 years old and it was invented by
a Marxist academic (Ruth Glass) to explain the violent effects of class
transformation in the UK. If you are looking for discussion of why cities
don't simply change passively over time, there is a huge body of literature
that explains the deliberate government action that undergirds
gentrification and the organized actions of pro-real estate lobbies. Some
of what I have to say about this is available over here, if you are
http://www.thepolisblog.org/2014/02/happy-fifty-years-gentrification.html BTW,
Engels also wrote quite extensively about the classist re-making of
cities in the Condition of the Working Class in England.

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>  A bit hard to believe that one needs to spell this out, but thanks for
> doing so.

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