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Re: <nettime> tensions within the bay area elites

> ...Ben and Jerry's...

The comedic genius Chris Rock, once made a joke that said that men are only
as faithful as their options. The same applies to the ethical standards of

Setting aside the fact that in the context of this conversation, our focus
is obviously on large corporations, and not corner bodegas, the difference
between a company like Ben and Jerry's and Google or Facebook is actually
very little. So-called progressive businesses simply use a different form
of manipulation and propaganda to get what they want, because they've found
what they think is a niche market that will bring them a good return on
their investment. To ascribe their seemingly good behavior to actual
goodness or morals is delusional.

> ...that kind of cynicism completely excludes any basis for trying
> to understand high-level > conflicts that really matter, like
> investor-state dispute settlement mechanisms.

No it doesn't. This isn't cynicism, it's basic class struggle. Being
clear about which side you are on and the need for vigilance in
monitoring and regulating power relations is common sense. It's the
ruling elites and liberals who try to trick the rest of us into
believing that we should all relax and hope for good behavior on the
part of the owners or shareholders of these companies. Fuck them. We
need laws. We need regulations. We have to fight. Period. It doesn't
preclude us also using other means to keep power in check, but there
should be no compromise on the baseline.

Like how in the heck does recognizing the basic nature of power and class
preclude the need to understand international treaties?! That in fact would
be one of the core components of a struggle. It's a battle that's local,
national, and international.

You seem to think that in order to engage in all these arenas, I have
to come to the table like some kind of naive and idealistic idiot.
That's a elitist philosophy which has been imposed on the masses. I
prefer to engage the enemy with my eyes wide open.

Art McGee

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