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<nettime> âOrganizing Digital Labour and Digital Labour Orga

*Preparatory an test call for the planning of the ???Organizing digital
labour & digital labour organizing??? workshop. The actual workshop is being
planned to take place in Berlin between 23-25 May 2014, during  Labour
Start <http://labourstart.org/>'s 5. Global Solidarity Conference

*Original Post

To open up the preparation process for the workshop as wide as possible and
to allow those interested online participants to test and practice with the
online system we will be using, we will make several test conference calls
in coming days. The first call will take place on Wednesday 14 May, between
9.00 am and 15.00 pm [London time], so wider global participation will be
possible during the day.

The draft description of the workshop, which we be taken as the starting
point, can be found at ???Union Upgrading??? Group
Wiki<https://on.usilive.org/dokuwiki/439/doku.php?id=start> created
on Organizing Network <https://on.usilive.org/> -which we will be testing
and using to document the workshop and the preperation, and to take the
minutes. If you like to participate the preparatory call, and the workshop
itself please add your name, affiliation, contact information, and any
ideas or suggestion of yours on the wiki and click on 'Save'. In order to
be able to use all the functions of the Organizing Network, for instance
the wiki, you will need to register first. Please read the user guide for
the ON here<https://on.usilive.org/pages/view/162/general-instructions-for-using-the-organising-network>

The test call is open to all unionists, labour organizers, social justice
activists, free information and knowledge [h]activists, researchers
who are interested
in and experienced on the topic. The call is especially set up for those
who wish to actively collaborate in the preparation of the content of the
workshop, and who needs to practice with the digital tools we will be using.

In order to be able to join the call you will need a computer connected to
the Internet [the faster the better] that runs an updated version of Flash
Player [you can download
In order to be able to join the meeting with a smart phones and/or tablet
running Android or IOS you will need to click
, follow the video instructions and download Puffin Browser App. Then on
the event page here<https://on.usilive.org/event_calendar/view/812/organizing-digital-labour-digital-labour-organizing>
, you have to click on the ???Join Conference??? button, on the left hand upper
corner. The cyber room for the meeting is already created. So if you like
to start practicing yourself right away please do not hesitate to
click here<http://bbb.mayfirst.org/client/BigBlueButton.html> to
go to the room now. For more information on free libre and open source
(FLOS) distance education system BigBlueButton and how it works click

For those who might miss this first session there will be one more call set
up same time next week, Wednesday 21 May. The minutes of the call will be
taken, yet in case all participants would agree, we want to make audio and
video recording of the meetings, to make it accesible online for those who
can not join and follow the meetings and the workshop.

For any other questions, suggestions, concerns or any other reasons please
send a message by using the contact information provided at the end of the

Finally, we share our gratitude for the comrades at the May First / People
Link <https://mayfirst.org/> and Union Solidarity
International<https://usilive.org/> for
hosting this ethical meeting and collaboration tools and spaces in their
secured servers and providing for workers??? and activists??? use for free.

In Global Solidarity,

Orsan Senalp

E-mail networg [at] networg [dot] nl

Cell Phone +31 643242552

Skype: Orsan1234

Website: http://networg.nl/ <https://www.facebook.com/NetwOrgDotNL>

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