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Re: <nettime> putin, the odessa lynching, and the left

Very good post. Although it seems that the Ukraine crisis,  and the
re-shaping of the global power game does not touch any chord on this

On 05 May 2014, at 12:08, Alex Foti <> wrote:

dear net-timers,

sorry for writing again so soon. I'm doing so because I wrote my post on
mayday 2014 several hours before almost 50 people were burned to death in
Odessa during the siege of the Trade Unions Building by pro-Ukraine soccer
hooligans and Right Sector thugs eager to settle scores with pro-Russia
protesters (a minority, apparently, unlike the regions in the East of the
country). The symbolism (torching a union building!) and the atrocious
determination to burn political opponents at the stake has deeply troubled

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