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Re: <nettime> Shoshana Zuboff: Dark Google

hi everybody,

i also read the article with great interest.

Am 30.04.2014 um 14:23 schrieb Florian Cramer:

> (1) According to her, it's a mistake to think of Internet capitalism having
> destroyed privacy, but privacy has just been transferred. It shifted from
> individuals to Google and the NSA who "assert a right to privacy with
> respect to their surveillance tactics and then exercise their choice to
> keep those tactics secret". Zuboff characterizes, from what seems to be a
> liberal viewpoint, as a new form of absolutism. Alternatively, it could be
> described as a 21st century form of cognitive capitalism that follows the
> post-democratic/post-1990 success formula of oligarchical capitalism.

i agree with most of it but still think of the last part.
i am not absolutely sure waht you describe with the term of cognitive capitalism in the context, but i could image that using the term or analogy to capitalism here could lead into the wrong direction.
in my opinion its definitely possible we are seeing and experiencing the rise of a new powersystem with new and different rules, where capital is no longer the 'fuel' or base.

imho it could be possible that capitalism (and privacy as part of it) will only survive in a very small circle of very powerfull people, because nobody else will be able to afford it.
sorry if this still sounds a little bit rough. it is still more a scetch than a concept, so please read it like this.

best wishes

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