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<nettime> Announcing the launch of the H O M E | Women's Networks site
Claudia Pederson on Mon, 3 Feb 2014 19:48:32 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Announcing the launch of the H O M E | Women's Networks site

Announcing the launch of the *H O M E | Women's Networks* site documenting
a two-day workshop around the concepts of "Home" and globalization, with a
focus on contemporary Greece.


This workshop extends g?n, a project initiated at ISEA Istanbul 2011. G?n
draws on the Turkish tradition of women's social gatherings called "g?n"
(meaning "day" in English). G?n(s) are informal hubs of social networks
where women exchange recipes and skills; share opinions and remedies, and
discuss issues and concerns about their communities. Expanding on this
form, our g?n brought together Turkish women working with media and
feminist themes. The result was a book, freely distributed in Turkey and
online and recently taken up by Printed Matter in NYC.

In Athens, participants worked together to create this online publication
as a continuation of feminist exchange.

The workshop "G?n: Women's Networks" included the collaboration of Frown, a
makers space in Athens, the Goethe-Institut Athens, and the curators of
"Home/s", an exhibition of ArtUP! Media art in Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey
held at the Benaki Museum in Athens, in October, 2013.


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