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Re: <nettime> How Silicon Valley's CEOs

Thanks Brian, indeed it is an interesting link you drawn between the
Valley and the Seattle, though I didn't get it what you meant with the
mayor, but sure I can be happy for her,for being elected, but only if
she is a nice person :)

About the darkness of the future, I actually tried to identify one
more option. If you don't accept modern promise for linear development
or progress of the humanity -just imagine where should Fukuyama try to
hide today :), that option is always there and I agree with you that
it is not nice at all to stuck that scary ideas and images all the
time. What I was trying to say though, more about the positive
thinking of the wide range of possibilities emerging for change,
especially through all kinds of learning and self learning, self
organising networks being built by and for the people, people who try
to link hassle work and design, engineering ad they love it Like these
occupy and 15M campers, loved to live in the tents occupying the city
centre, and thinking and doing it themselves at the same time. Some of
them, us, might not have yet realised fully the conditions they/we had
been in. Or, soft-, forcefully, locked in the imaginary matrix created
for them, in their own minds.. The thing is The Goddess of the Valley,
Rand, who did it for those techies or engineers is very much dead
today. So you can imagine the emancipatory climate at the valley now..
freedom from the Goddess, oh! But also the existential fear they must
be in now, all they have believed is vaporised, they screwed by their
idols, angels of her! The Californian dream is turned the valley into
a desert, this means!  For an typical union organiser, it is not a
silicon valley anymore, it is a burring desert, full of 'organizinble'
thirsty to get organised :) of course this is being extra optimistic
-to balance the pessimism of the intellect.. But coming back to the
conclusion you made with regard to the Occupy; it was actually not the
organisation. In my opinion, but more of an organised network, as
Geert and Ned was talking about. Which is more able to focus, sharper
and faster, but also able to mobilise and strike much faster.. the
exact form is not discovered or built in complete yet, we are all in
the search, together. I have just proposed Geert, to organise a LabOur
kind of space, for a workshop, mesh union hackhaton, to co-design a
global and networked labour union, (preferably an organised network)
by inviting union activists, organisers, hackers, makers, artists,
15M, occupy networks, ... to work on the co-design the form and
content in a floss way. From my side, I have had start up ideas
developed and can propose to start discussing with. It is about what I
have been busy at an experimental level since the end 2010. This link
is to the released 1.0 beta version of GNUnion
(gnunion.wordpress.com). So that there a bit more concrete ideas,
action and functional designs, to start with modifications or deletes.
The code is open as it is stated. In relation to this specific
project, I was in need of a GPL kind of licence for floss material
production, as well as software development. Coincidentally today
Michel Bauwens circulated this text on the commoning list:
(http://snuproject.worpress.com/). I am very bad at formal logic and
algorithms, but it seems like this is a modified version of the
CopyFarLeft of  Dmytri's, would be good to hear what he thinks, or
Michel if these projects would fit to gather.

As the last word/paragprah: I know the kind of guys, liberally blinded
engineers by Randian and/or Californian ideology! Probably suppressed
or pushed hard by their fathers or mothers when they were kids to
succeed, experienced very little appreciation and trust and almost no
care or love at all. That's why they carry a large internal emptiness,
gap filled by the Goddess (of course not all of them like this) But
those with the gap, were reverted by it towards sort of mystic
searches, Buddhism kind of inner walks in secret... They would knew
that there was something wrong or fake (like silicon boobs or lips) in
the valley, and made them feel very week all the time, even though
they know very well how to look tough. Exactly like this guy portrayed
by Scorsese as the Wolf of the Wall Street. Now the Rand is dead,
killed by her angels or buried alive, the anger they might bear can be
very futile to motivate these engineers to see the reality behind what
was visible to them. There we need a flexible -but very much able to
focus / swarm like / united but not unified collective form of agency
with clear stories to tell by doing, to get in the picture, allow
creative workers to discover their real reality themselves, not to
teach or organise them from outside in, anger-action method, designed
for idiots and gives power to organiser. So it is about creation of
anti-matrix, counter hologram that make them see there reality
themselves. Otherwise they would not tolerate to be thought, pulled
and pushed, by the lower order (talking the language they would use).
If we have such mechanism designed -on time, then nothing is
impossible, and hopefully can be even very exciting.

There is another space planned in Berlin, this time by unionists
independently between 23-25 May, right after the ITUC congress. That
would make a good chance to meet hackers, makers and the workers just
to start talking to each other. informally. A week before in Frankfurt
there will be blockupy and after the EU elections. Teat would make the
coordinates very interesting.

would love to meet, self-orgnaize and collaborate in Amsterdam and
Berlin with you and others in the list,

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> On 02/01/2014 03:02 PM, Michael H Goldhaber wrote:
>> Sadly, Brian misspoke (or miswrote)
> Indeed I misspoke - or deluded myself? A moment of wish-fulfillment?

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