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Re: <nettime> History of Computer Art, chap. V

To the criticism of "The History of Computer Art" (URL:

The online publication allows to develop the project as an open project 
(updates possible). This history describes early works, not the context 
of computer art in different countries. Relevant for the works included 
were the informations I was able to gather about their technology 
because otherwise I can?t describe the computing processes. So I updated 
my description of James Seawrights installations "Electronic Peristyle" 
(1968) and "Network III" (1971) with the informations the artist sent to 
me via e-mail (see chap. II.3.3).
Concerning the exhibitions and conferences of "New Tendencies" in 
Zagreb: see Vladimir Bonacic in chap. II.3.3. The catalogues of the 
exhibitions of the "New Tendencies"/"bit international" are part of my 
On computer graphics: Hiroshi Kawanos "Design 2-1 Markov Chain Pattern" 
(1964) is mentioned in chap. III.2, ann.41 together with works created 
by Electronic Associates Incorporated (EAI) and Wolfgang B?umer in 
1963/64. Who knows details about their programming? Relevant for the 
section on computer graphics are only plotter prints (and documents of 
them as reproductions, sometimes sold as `works?).

In developing the structure of the chapters and the multilinear 
storyline I had a big problem to propose a history of the beginnings of 
computer art (from ballistic to cybernetic models, see chapt II.1-II.2). 
In developing the `story? of each chapter I had to care about the 
outline. Too much details and anecdotes can be irritating for readers.
A collaborative project for a dictionary (Wiki) on (the history of) 
computer art can be another research project trying to gather as much 
details and insights as possible. The contrary will be a didactic 
concept trying to work out some basics on (the history of) computer art.


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