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Re: <nettime> History of Computer Art, chap. V

While on one hand this is a laudable effort to write such a history and put
everything online, on the other hand this should really be called "A Western
European and US history of Computer Art"

The first international group show of computer art was held in Brno at the House
of Art in 1968. At the same time as Cybernetic Serendipity was opened in London,
a computer art "information exhibition" and symposium was held in Zagreb as part
of the New Tendencies in August 1968, followed by a really big show and
symposium on "The Computer as a medium of visual research" in May 1969, also in

A very original contribution to computer art and telecommunications art has been
made in Brazil by Valdenmar Cordeiro in the early 1970s, not to forget, of
course, Hiroshi Kawano in Japan who started to work in the early 1960s

And these are just some landmark moments which quickly come to mind.

While 10 years ago it may have been easy to overlook those developments, those
things have become quite well documented through the work of Darko Fritz, two
large exhibitions in Graz and Karlsruhe curated by him, and a document
sourcebook published by ZKM/MITP, as well as through my PhD dissertation
Automation, Cybernation and the Art of New Tendencies


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