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<nettime> Fwd: [Squares] Wikileaks, Stratfor, Srdja Popovic, and Occupy Wall Street

Evolving story about Popovic / Otpor / Canvas, and Waging
Nonviolence. It seems Hammond and Wikiilek's helped massively in
unravelling the source of massive conspiracy theory, which has been
shadowing the reality of uprisings taking place in recent years and
preventÄng them to go viral, globally..

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From: Zoe Alif <>
Date: 5 December 2013 21:14
Subject: [Squares] Wikileaks, Stratfor, Srdja Popovic, and Occupy Wall Street

Below are a series of articles this past week about internationally
acclaimed activist, Srdja Popovic, and his involvement with the
private intelligence firm Stratfor.

Article from Waging NonViolence defending Popovic by Bryan Farrell

Article from investigation of Srdja Popovic by Steve Horne
and Carl Gibson

Article from the YesMen defending Popovic and accusing Steve
Horne/Carl Gibson of "yellow journalism"

Article from in response to YesMen over the "yellow
journalism" accusation

If anyone has information about CANVAS or Srdja Popovic, please feel
free to contact me at I am currently writing a blog
post on the story.


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