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Re: <nettime> Stephen Foley: Bitcoin needs to learn from past

On Mon, 02 Dec 2013, Florian Cramer wrote:

> Another way of looking at Bitcoin is to consider it an unintended
> privacy nightmare in the making. Bitcoin is based on the concept that
> money is stored in anonymized accounts ("wallets") whose transactions
> are publicly viewable; that is, all Bitcoin transactions ever made by
> anyone, permanently archived.

Yes, it is basically a chain of contracts, triple-signed...

How funny that justicialist detractors have so far fought it as a
criminal tool, while even the most financially coercitive apparata have
never managed to put in place such a formidable device for financial
control and disintermediation.

Now I wonder if projects like this will ever take off to fill the gap
https://darkwallet.unsystem.net - does it really matter? being provoking
and entertaining is already a success in the looming decadence of both
capitalism and its critics, when they have nothing new to say.

A few days ago someone pointed out at a conference that Bitcoin is the
first alternative economic project that has made rich its participants.
As an anti-capitalist and precarized content producer now I wonder: how
much wealth we ever managed to distribute, being the ultimate life goal
that of growing up to an academic position and secured income? Is that
done by giggling at youtube videos of rioting kids smashing the banks? 

Bitcoin is revealing to be the contrary of what most people thought at
the beginning. And is even being a main tractor for wealth at certain
margins of society.

Now, will philantropists compete with it?


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