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<nettime> a free letter to the creative commons and for the consideration of

a free letter to the creative commons
and for the consideration of authors
choosing non-commercial and no derivatives licenses;

thanks to the great work of peers of free culture at freedefined.org,
you seem to agree with the definition of *free culture*
as inherited from the values of free and open source software movements.

so please stop referring all the licenses you provide as *creative commons*,
causing the authors and other people think that they are all based on the same values and politics. no, they do not serve differenet needs of the authors and differenet natures of *some* works and situations as you might have intended, they do serve neo-liberal politics rendering the values of free culture invisable. the confusion you create among authors and *soon-author-audience*, i would call, is not fair for the authors sharing the values of free culture.

as you have started marking the *free culture* creative commons (cc) licenses that do not carry *non-commercial* (nc) and *no derivatives* (nd) clauses, with the label *approved for free cultural works*, which has been a great achievement but unfortunately seems not to have been enough to create an awareness, i would also ask you to consider renaming the real free culture licenses you provide as *free culture creative commons license* and more importantly renaming the rest of the cc licenses as *non-free culture creative commons license*
or *permission culture creative commons license* if you wish,
as prof lessig would have called them from the beginning,
before cc caused a simulacrum of free culture.

sorry for making uninterested readers subject to this letter,
but for those who are interested, but unaware of the issues raised here,
www.freedomdefined.org is probably the best place to start digging.

ÃzgÃr K.

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