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Re: <nettime> claimed excerpts from Jeremy Hammond's

Hammond, with Manning, Anonymous, Lulzsec and Snowden,
including Sabu, have been suckered by informants who have
their secret deals with authorities. An estimated 25% of hackers
are informants, according to Emmanuel Goldstein, who admitted
to being an informant at a HOPE panel on the topic.

Cooperating witnesses like Sabu are commonplace, as common
as those who condemn them, usually led by the loudest all too
often a covert cooperating witness, so say those who have learned
the hard lesson of Hammond, Manning, Assange, Barrett Brown
and Sabu in which hard-hearted threats are made against family
and friends aided by insiders who have been turned into rats.

Victims of rats warn if you have not been there do not imagine
you know what it is like to be royally fucked by a mentor or a
pack leader, by an assuredly honest privacy and comsec
promise backed by a lawyer who does not go to jail for you.

Lurking below official spy regimes: among the self-serving rat
industry are journalists, academics, lawyers, funders, freedom
fighters, anonymizers, cryptographers, publicists, neighbors,
lovers, mail list operators, hardly any exceptions when the
chips are down, lawful compliance always wins.

Leaks and whistleblowing have become an established
industry, with PR, awards, fund-raisers, amply supported by
the media which benefits the most by privileged protection
of journalism. So a few sources are imprisoned, that's good
for sales, lectures, articles, books, performance arts of the
Zizek brand.

Sanctimony about leaks has become as tawdry as about secrecy.

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> Good morning. Thank you for this opportunity. My name is Jeremy Hammond
> and I'm here to be sentenced for hacking activities carried out during
> my involvement with Anonymous. I have been locked up at MCC for the past
> 20 months and have had a lot of time to think about how I would explain
> my actions.

Hammond supporters publish alleged list of foreign targets that FBI had
him hack

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