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<nettime> 'Can I have my house back?' JPMorgan cancels Twitter Q&A after

This is getting to be a strange world! One has to go to Russia Today
to get news of this nature! I'm following @JPmorgan now:

'Can I have my house back?' JPMorgan cancels Twitter Q&A after
receiving 'offensive' questions

'Can I have my house back?' JPMorgan cancels Twitter Q&A after
receiving 'offensive' questions

Published time: November 14, 2013 23:54
Edited time: November 15, 2013 01:13
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Banking, Internet, USA

JPMorgan canceled a question-and-answer session on Twitter Wednesday
after receiving a barrage of critical questions skewering the
multinational banking company for legal problems, foreclosure
practices, and other ethical transgressions.

Starting at least since last week, JPMorgan, the investment and
services portion of financial behemoth JPMorgan Chase & Co, asked
followers and others on Twitter to send questions about the bank’s
operations for veteran investment banker and company vice chairman
Jimmy Lee using the hashtag #AskJPM ahead of the planned Thursday

Few had used the hashtag until Wednesday afternoon, after JPMorgan
sent a follow-up tweet on Tuesday promoting the event.

After the reminder tweet, the floodgates opened. Questions - or,
often, heckling - ranged from highly critical of the bank’s practices
to complete non sequiturs. Company CEO Jamie Dimon was a particularly
popular target among the taunters. Twitter users also criticized the
bank’s billions of dollars of fines to mortgage regulators and its
connection to low quality mortgage securities tied to the 2008
financial crisis.

Among the “questions” posed to JPMorgan:

JPMorgan cut its losses and canceled the Thursday Q&A on Wednesday evening.

The tweet barrage inspired a dramatic reading of some of the tweets by
actor Stacy Keach.

Following the cancellation, David Dayen, a longtime progressive
blogger, announced he would - tongue in cheek - answer #AskJPM
questions in place of JPMorgan.

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