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<nettime> [Original burning-topic content for Nettime]

     Hi there,

     Hopefully this email finds you well. Having visited your website,
     I am contacting you to see if you would like some fresh content
     for Nettime. If so, I would love to contribute to your site.

     After graduating in business and journalism, I worked for a
     finance company before motherhood changed my outlook on life. Now
     I work from home as a freelance writer and cover topics as
     diverse as my old finance stomping ground, local news, family
     finances, investment, sustainability and much more. These
     examples show you how diverse my (often ghost written) work is:


     As you can see, they are all tailored to the needs of the site I
     am writing for. This content that I would like to produce for
     Nettime would come at no cost, if I am able to mention one of my
     partners. Any link to them would be subtle and in line with the
     content of the article. All my work is 100% original and would
     only be submitted to your site for approval and nowhere else.

     If you have any ideas or burning topics you would like me to
     write about, let me know; otherwise I can produce something for
     you to look at. This also applies to any other sites you might
     run as well as for On the other hand, if you do not
     want my content, I will leave you with my best wishes.



     ps. You are NOT on any mailing list and if you do not want
     content from me, I will not contact you again. Of course, I hope
     you are interested!

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