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<nettime> Live: Delivery for Mr. Rajab

!Mediengruppe Bitnik

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Delivery for Mr. Rajab (2013)
Tracking a parcel from Julian Assange to Nabeel Rajab

A Live Mail Art Piece

Monday, October 28 2013

«Delivery for Mr. Rajab» is a live mail art piece. A parcel with a
hidden camera is sent by post from Julian Assange to Nabeel Rajab.
Through a hole in the parcel, the camera documents and live-tweets its
journey through the postal system, letting anyone online follow the
parcels status in real-time. The images captured by the camera are
transferred to this website and the Bitnk Twitter account in realtime.
So, as the parcel slowly makes its way to Jaw Prison in Bahrain, anyone
online can follow the parcel's status in realtime.

The recipient, Nabeel Rajab, is a Bahraini human rights activist,
opposition leader and protest leader. He was arrested several times in
2011 and 2012 during the ongoing national uprising in Bahrain.
Currently, he is serving a two year prison sentence for protest-related
charges and has been jailed at Jaw Prison in the South province of
Bahrain since August 2012.

    Will the parcel reach its intended destination?
    Will it be removed from the postal system?
    Is there a channel still open for communication with Nabeel Rajab?

Parcel Parcel

«Delivery for Mr. Rajab» is the continuation of «Delivery for Mr.
Assange». In January 2013, !Mediengruppe Bitnik sent Wikileaks-founder
Julian Assange a parcel containing a hidden camera. After 32 hours and a
tantalizing and intense journey, sharing over 9000 images of postal
bags, vans and delivery centres, the camera arrived and Julian Assange
performed for the several thousand people watching.

Enclosed inside the parcel are appeals for Nabeel Rajabs release and the
photo Free Nabeel Rajab signed by Julian Assange. The parcel was posted
from the Ecuadorian embassy in West-London at 16:12 GMT on October 28,
2013. And is due to arrive at its destination within 48 hours. Should
the first parcel fail to reach Nabeel Rajab, a second parcel will follow
within the next few days.

-!Mediengruppe Bitnik


    Live Twitter Account -
    Live Parcel Webcamera:
    About Nabeel Rajab - Wikipedia Entry Nabeel Rajab
    Nabeel Rajab as guest in Julian Assange TV Show, May 2012 -
    Youtube Video
    Delivery for Mr. Assange:

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