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Re: <nettime> John Naughton: Edward Snowden: public indifference is

hey, patrice,
thank you for posting this wonderful article.
it may be that the sheer volume of data reportedly being collected seems an
absurd amount to read and so an impossible task even for machines to scan
that it can't be taken seriously. that said, does it really matter? a
surveillance state can be produced regardless of actual accuracy and
persistent real-doing of surveillance - if we all come to agree that it is
indeed ok to live with being watched it is the same thing as being watched
in terms of its social effects. isn't there a famous parable about this?
then one day the people are have been living in a lie...and so
now you are free.
that last paragraph of the author's is most chilling...


"...that what the NSA is doing is "incompatible with the existing law
and policy protecting the confidentiality of journalist-source
communications", that this is not merely an incompatibility in spirit,
"but a series of specific and serious discrepancies between the activities
of the intelligence community and existing law, policy, and practice in
the rest of the government"

there are so many instances of this kind of contradiction going on, at
least in the States...on the surface, media outlets saying one thing, in
fact, actions of government and other agencies in direct contradiction to
the miasma being stated.


thanks for the article.


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> Edward Snowden: public indifference is the real enemy in the NSA affair


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